Thursday, March 13, 2014

Simply Stitch Gatherings: Exploring the Use of Mul-tex

In our Simply Stitch Gathering Class this week, we played around with Mul-tex from C&T Publishing.  It is a white flexible bonded material that can be painted, stamped, sewn, etc.  Mul-tex is tear resistant and translucent.  The shiny side is food safe.  Here are two little needle holder samples made at the gathering.  


The outsides were painted with Inktense Watersoluble Ink Color pencils.  The images were drawn either free hand with Sharpie or hand stamped.  Then, the holders were stitched with sewing machine.    Inside is a piece of felt with fabric sewn to it to hold your needles.  They were fun and fast to make and would make great simple gifts.


Extra: This art quilt has Mul-tex in it.  The deer was traced onto the Mul-tex from a photo and then colored using the Inktense water color pencils.  The traced image was then ironed on to the lower fabric using a pressing cloth.  Mul-tex is great because it naturally adheres to a surface when heated.  The deer was then top stitched.  Mul-tex does take some experimenting with to figure out all of its uses.  It does roll a bit so tape is needed to stick it down when you are painting it.  

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